Modrá světla Jokohamy

Inspektor Iwata se po těžkém životním období vrací k práci u policie. Nastupuje na tokijské oddělení vražd, kde je s novou horkokrevnou kolegyní okamžitě postaven před hrůzu nahánějící případ vyvražděné rodiny. Pachatel vyňal jedné z obětí srdce, na místě po sobě zanechal tajemný symbol a vše nasvědčuje tomu, že půjde pouze o první ze série brutálních rituálů. Detektiv, který vyšetřování vedl od počátku, spáchal po krátké době sebevraždu a pátrání po vrahovi podrobí těžké zkoušce také Iwatovu křehkou psychiku zatíženou nejedním traumatem z minulosti… Modrá světla Jokohamy jsou evokativní a mnohovrstvený román s detektivní zápletkou, napsaný s výsostným citem pro atmosféru.
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Blue Light Yokohama

Setagaya ward, Tokyo Inspector Kosuke Iwata, newly transferred to Tokyo's homicide department, is assigned a new partner and a secondhand case. Blunt, hard as nails and shunned by her colleagues, Assistant Inspector Noriko Sakai is a partner Iwata decides it would be unwise to cross. A case that's complicated - a family of four murdered in their own home by a killer who then ate ice cream, surfed the web and painted a hideous black sun on the bedroom ceiling before he left in broad daylight. A case that so haunted the original investigator that he threw himself off the city's famous Rainbow Bridge. Carrying his own secret torment, Iwata is no stranger to pain. He senses the trauma behind the killer's brutal actions. Yet his progress is thwarted in the unlikeliest of places. Fearing corruption among his fellow officers, tracking a killer he's sure is only just beginning and trying to put his own shattered life back together, Iwata knows time is running out before he's taken off the case or there are more killings . . . Blue Light Yokohama is crime fiction at its very best - gripping, haunting, atmospheric and utterly captivating. Praise for Blue Light Yokahama 'Obregón is a bright, sophisticated new voice in crime fiction: his writing sings at you, reverberates, makes you consider more than just the urgent clamour of his novel's well-hewn murder plot. In Inspector Iwata, he has created a quiet, troubled hero whom readers will be sure to follow from one disturbing, atmospheric story to the next' Benjamin Wood, author of, The Ecliptic 'Refreshing' 'Engaging' Daily Mail
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Unknown Male

He is a completely unremarkable man. Who wears the same black suit every day. Boards the same train to work each morning. And arrives home to his wife and son each night. But he has a secret. He likes to kill people. With just weeks to go before the Olympics and the world's eyes firmly fixed on Tokyo the body of young British student, Skye Mackintosh, is discovered in a love hotel. Tokyo's Homicide Department are desperate for a lead. As a last resort they enlist the help of a brilliant former detective whose haunted personal life has forced him into exile thousands of miles away. But it isn't long before Kosuke Iwata discovers the darkness in the neon drenched streets as Skye, like so many others, had her own secrets. Lies and murder haunt a city where old ghosts and new whisper from its darkest of corners and the truth is always just out of sight
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