Steve Peters


Paradox šimpanze

Lidskou mysl ovládají racionální a logický Člověk a emocionální Šimpanz, který dokáže být vaším nejlepším přítelem, nebo nejhorším nepřítelem – v tom je paradox Šimpanze. Existuje množství návodů, příruček a knih, které vám poradí, jak se co nejvíce rozvinout až po dokonalého člověka, jak se zbavit různých nectností, kouřením počínaje přes přejídání, lenost až třeba po chorobné podléhání televizním reklamám. Lidé, kteří tyto knihy kupují, jich mívají často plné knihovny, ale žádoucí efekt se dostaví jen sporadicky.
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Chimp Paradox

Do you sometimes behave irrationally or impulsively? Do you face some situations with fear and trepidation? Do feelings of self-doubt consume everyday activities? Leading Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Steve Peters, knows more than anyone how impulsive behaviour or nagging self-doubt can impact negatively on our professional and personal lives. In this, his first book, Steve shares his phenomenally successful mind management programme that has been used to help elite athletes and senior managers alike to conquer their fears and operate with greater control, focus and confidence. Seemingly complex concepts are made simple with the use of memorable analogies - such as the \'chimp\', that seemingly irrational and impulsive being that inhabits our minds - and real-life case studies. Never before will you have had such a deep and clear understanding of your own behaviour and natural responses to certain people or situations. This knowledge, combined with simple techniques that can be easily incorporated into daily life, will help you to control your emotional impulses and reach your full potential, leading to success at work and a happier, harmonious home life.
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The Chimp Paradox - Classic Edition

The ground-breaking mind management model for confidence, success and happiness - over 1 million copies soldDo you sabotage your own happiness and success? Are you struggling to make sense of yourself? Do your emotions sometimes dictate your life?The Chimp Paradox is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you understand yourself and others, and become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person. Prof Steve Peters explains the struggle that takes place within your mind and then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can:- Recognise how your mind is working - Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts - Manage yourself and become the person you would like to beThe Chimp Mind Management Model is based on scientific facts and principles, which have been simplified into a workable model for easy, everyday use so that you can identify what is preventing you from living a happier, more successful life.Packed with key facts that explain how you function as well as exercises for you to work with, the Chimp Model will help you develop the emotional skills and practical habits to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.
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