Claudio Razeto


War Correspodents

When Robert Capa snapped the photo of the dying militiaman during the Spanish Civil War it seemed the ideal goal of every journalist on the frontline: to tell the story of death in battle. But this work actually began nearly a century before with photos shot by Fenton in the Crimea and Brady during the American Civil War. A book illustrated with over 600 images tells the history of war reporting from it’s origins to the bombing of Libya in 2011. Unique images of American reporters in WWI and WWII, the German soldier photographers from Pk, the Italians from the Luce Archive and the French journalists. The reportage in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Africa, and the protagonists of what eventually became a real journalistic specialization with its stories, its tragedies and its fallen. A book about the war seen from a new and unexpected point of view, a series of historical photographic scoops, and a selection of rare images on the conflicts of the last one hundred and fifty years selected by the staff of Scalarchives and narrated by its director, the journalist and former reporter Claudio Razeto.
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