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John Ney Rieber


Wolverine Epic Collection Inner Fury

Magneto tears Wolverine's world apart! First, Logan intervenes in a Hydra experiment, but a nanite infection has unexpected effects on him! Then, Wolverine takes Rogue and Jubilee on a mission to the Savage Land - where Sauron has risen again! And in Australia, Wolverine and Jubilee battle a suddenly sentient Sentinel - and Jubilee confronts her past! Logan's world tour continues when he is lured to Tibet by a group seeking to claim his remarkable abilities! And Sabretooth takes the spotlight - but what is his surprising connection to Mystique? Finally, the X-Men face off against Magneto in a truly savage showdown - but when Magneto crosses a horrifying line, will Wolverine ever be the same again?! COLLECTING: VOL. 6: WOLVERINE (1988) 69-75, WOLVERINE: INNER FURY (1992) 1, WOLVERINE: KILLING (1993) 1, WOLVERINE: GLOBAL JEOPARDY (1993) 1, SABRETOOTH (1993) 1-4, X-MEN (1991) 25
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