Fred Ritchin


The Magnum Photobook A Catalogue Raisonne

The first complete illustrated bibliography of 1,000 iconic photobooks created by members of the renowned photo agency This fascinating in-depth survey brings Magnum's history alive through the genre of the photobook - an essential vehicle for photographers to share their work. Its pages include unpublished behind-the-scenes material, together with ephemera from the photographers' archives about the making of their books. With an introduction by Fred Ritchin and texts by Carole Naggar, this book explores the evolution of the photobook, as well as the important role that Magnum has played in the history of documentary photography.
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1001 Photographs

Is photography art, documentary or both? Should images simply reveal the world we live in, or provoke us to think, act and react? 1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die is a visually arresting and invaluable guide to the history and practice of photography. Sweeping through the arts, fashion, society, war, peace, science and nature, the images in this enticing book are as eye-catching as the commentary is engaging. Some you have seen, others will be unfamiliar, but what all the photographs have in common is their ability to move you, shock you and open up the notion of what it is to be human. Organized chronologically by the date that each image was made, and featuring a reproduction of each photograph, the selection provides some fascinating and unexpected juxtapositions. Insightful text uncovers the creative process behind each image, revealing its visual, aesthetic and historic significance. Why was the photograph taken? Was it set up? What was the intention? How did the world react? From Roger Fenton to William Eggleston, from Henry Fox Talbot to Nick Knight, and from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Dorothea Lange, all the photographers featured in this book transgressed the boundaries of the camera with a skill and spirit that helped to develop their field into a highly evocative art form. Packed with information that will entertain, inform, educate and surprise you, 1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die is an essential reference for all lovers of photography.
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Snímání rámu

Fotožurnalismus zaznamenával dění světa s nadějí, že pohne svědomím společnosti. Miliardy dostupných fotografií z nejrůznějších zdrojů, devalvace práce žurnalistů, proměna médií a současné společensko-politické klima ale zpochybňují jeho základní funkci. Ritchinova třetí kniha o budoucnosti fotografie se ptá, jaké možnosti vizuálním médiím zůstaly, mají-li obrazy i nadále měnit naše myšlení a přístup ke světu.
U dodávateľa
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