Jeyn Roberts


D4RK Inside

There are so many good books out there. Books that make me laugh, that make me think, that scare me, and many that I recommend to friends. It is a rare thing, in my mind, to uncover a GREAT book. A novel that makes me sit up and take note. For me, Dark Inside (by Jeyn Roberts) is one of those rare finds. It's been a long, long time - probably since I first read the Hunger Games books, that I would have run out to buy the next book had there been one. I sat around wanting to read more, hours later finding my mind back inside that world, with those characters, that fascinated and horrified me.
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Rage Within

First there was 'Dark Inside', now there is 'The Rage Within' - this heart-stopping, page-turning saga of rage, hope and survival continues . . . After the earthquakes came the infectious rage, turning friends into deadly enemies. For survivors Michael, Aries, Mason and Clementine the battle to stay alive is about to get even tougher. The new world is organising itself, with camps that promise protection for the uninfected. But the reality of the sites is far more sinister. Besides, nobody is safe from the rage within their own soul . . .
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