Igor Ryzov


The Kremlin School of Negotiation

Negotiating is something that we all do, whether at work or at home. But what if we come across someone who just won't give in? How can we defend ourselves against manipulation? And how do we say 'no' without compromising a deal?Legend has it that the Kremlin school of negotiation was born in Russia in the 1920s, under the rule of Joseph Stalin, and it still has its followers and advocates to this day.Using the official Kremlin method and years of business experience, Igor Ryzov guides us through the most effective techniques in negotiating terms that satisfy both parties. From knowing how to get the most information about a potential deal, to how to read your counterpart, and advice on defusing tension, this comprehensive handbook ensures a mutually acceptable resolution that leaves you walking away successful.With practical examples, and exercises to hone your negotiating skills, The Kremlin School of Negotiation will offer the tools you need to master any deal.
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Manipulujte jako Putin

Autor knihy si předsevzal, že vytvoří základní „učební pomůcku“ pro vyjednavače, která by shrnovala ty nejlepší zkušenosti východu i západu – od mistra Suna přes Machiavelliho až po Andreje Gromyka a pověstnou „kremelskou školu vyjednávání. Naučíte se základní techniky a strategie úspěšného vyjednávání, naučíte se pracovat s emocemi i poznat, kdy s vámi někdo manipuluje.
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