Scott Peterson


Batman Kings of Fear

What is Batman s greatest fear? When the Scarecrow orchestrates a riot at Arkham Asylum to conceal an escape, the chase will take the Dark Knight on a journey into the depths of his own mind. Batman has faced Jonathan Crane s fear gas before, but a dose of the Scarecrow s new formula opens the hero to a world of self-doubt. Prodded by his enemy, Bruce Wayne s deepest fears come to the surface, with one question inching its way to the top of the list: Would Gotham City be better off if there never was a Batman? And even as he wrestles with this question that strikes at the very heart of his life s mission, Batman has to find the Scarecrow s hostage, who may be more than he appears! Batman: Kings of Fear collects the full six-issue miniseries written by former Batman editor Scott Peterson (Batgirl) with stylish art by the legendary Kelley Jones (The Sandman, Deadman).
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