Tony Seddon


Secrets of digital animation

Secrets of Digital Animation sets out to demonstrate and showcase a range of cutting-edge work, new techniques, and influential practitioners within all forms of contemporary animation, from anime to flashware, and from animated shorts to machinima, offering creative hints and tips from the genre masters. This book offers young practitioners, and those interested in broadening their skills, an insider’s view of the fast evolving work of animation; showcasing professionals and their creations, working methods, and inspiration, along with jargon-busting explanations and easy to follow demonstrations. Stunning examples of finished work are shown alongside conceptual drawings and works in progress. The book contains practical advice and case studies that explore the professional techniques behind designing innovative characters and fantastical worlds, and bringing them to life.
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Graphic design for non-designe

At some point, almost everyone will produce a piece of graphic design. It might be a birthday card for a relative, a poster for a neighborhood event, or an advert for the office notice board. There are thousands of DIY graphic designers out there who have neither the time nor the inclination to study graphic design formally, but do want to know how to get results that move their projects beyond the amateurish. Graphic Design for Nondesigners is the book for them, offering an accessible, jargon-busting guide to getting professional-looking results. The book explains the basic principles of graphic design, such as use of space and structure, color, and type. It will feature do’s and don’ts, hints, tips, box-outs, comparative examples, and specially-commissioned illustrations. The book includes 20 step-by-step projects for everyday design items, such as adverts, logos, business cards, letterheads, menus, gift wrap, invitations, posters, CD and DVD packaging, websites, blogs, newsletters, and T-shirts.
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Grafický design pro samouky

Každý aspoň raz za život vytvorí dokument patriaci do kategórie grafického dizajnu. Či už je to pozvánka na oslavu narodenín, plagát alebo inzerát na firemnú nástenku, urobte si radosť a urobte to perfektne! Pomocou tejto knihy i sledovania rôznych dizajnérskych projektov a usilovnej práce dokážete dať svojim návrhom profesionálny vzhľad. Grafický design pro samouky vysvetľuje základné princípy grafického dizajnu vrátane efektívneho použitia pries-toru, farieb a písma. Kniha pretavuje ťažko získané skúsenosti profesionálnych dizajnérov do jednoduchých pravidiel čo robiť a čo nerobiť, ilustrovaných tipov a rád doplnených príkladmi pre porovnanie. Nezabúda ani na potrebné vybavenie a jeho cenu, zmieňuje najlepšie a ceno-vo najpriaznivejšie materiály a ponúka odporúčania na hardvér či softvér.
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Draw Your Own Fonts

Hand-drawn lettering has never been more popular, and every home designer is in on the act, creating energetic, quirky fonts that seem to jump off the screen, the poster or the page. To the uninitiated this free design can seem a little intimidating - can anyone join in? Can you learn to draw appealing letters without having taken a graphic design course? Draw Your Own Fonts proves that the answer is a resounding 'yes'. A lively mix of inspiration and workbook, it offers 30 complete alphabets, drawn in a variety of styles by an energetic line-up of young artists and illustrators, with tips and demonstrations on how you can copy or adapt them to make them your own. With sections on how to use your fonts online as well as on paper, this is a do-it-yourself book that will appeal to anyone who has ever begun a hand-lettered project (or simply doodled a highly decorated word or two on the cover of a notebook) - then wondered why it didn't have the panache of professional work.
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Greetings from Retro Design: Vintage Graphics Decade by Decade

What is a true 1950s look, as opposed to a 1930s or 1940s look? This book aims to address that question by thoroughly surveying the development of graphic design over the course of the 20th century. Timelines for each decade highlight key moments, styles and movements, while profiles of thirty influential graphic designers three per decade are interspersed throughout the book.
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Evolution of Type

The Evolution of Type takes the reader on a journey through the development of type design and typographic style from the mid-15th century to the present day, by way of 100 typefaces. Chosen to represent the key elements of style and form used by the punch cutters, calligraphers and designers of their day, and presented in chronological order according to release date, each typeface is discussed in terms of its origins and its impact on the design and print industry, and latterly the additional considerations for screen use. Versions released in metal-foundry type for hand-setting, as hot-metal type for the monotype and linotype machines, as phototype, and as digital revivals or originals, are covered in detail alongside information about the people responsible for the design and development of each adaptation of the typeface. Key glyphs from each face are annotated to indicate the specific features that mark out how typeface design has evolved over the last 500 or so years, and visual comparisons illustrate how typefaces created years ago have influenced the design of many contemporary releases. For the general reader, this book offers a thorough history of the typefaces we have been reading for decades; for typographers and designers, it is a valuable resource that will help to inform their choice of the most appropriate typeface for a project.
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Let's Talk Type

Why is Helvetica used for airport signs - and who designed Arial? What exactly is hand lettering? Which fonts tend to work best for emails and what font is used on New York street signs? Let's Talk Type answers all of these questions and more in one easy-to-use typography primer. With a clear and comprehensive 'What Is' or 'Why Use It' approach to the subject, it will help the reader to identify fonts with ease and to choose the perfect type treatment for their message, whether they are writing and designing for the web, print or personal correspondence. It also illuminates the interesting backstories behind famous fonts. For an essential companion for anyone who writes or designs - whether for business or at home - this fully-illustrated, authoritative resource saves readers the hassle of navigating badly informed, business-led web content, and provides a comprehensive design-conscious approach to the subject.
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Japanese Style at Home

Japanese interiors focus primarily on one simple philosophy, Zen. All the rooms in a traditionally furnished Japanese home strive to achieve a balance of peace and simplicity; their interiors are steeped in centuries of cultural influence, and a sense of calm is key to the whole aesthetic. This handbook shows how to create a tailor-made Japanese home. Working through the house one room at a time, it highlights classic items of furniture and signature accessories, from tatami mats and paper lanterns to shoji (dividing screens). In-depth case studies demonstrate the essential elements and provide inspiration, while colour combinations are explored to help personalize this iconic style for the home. Anyone who hankers after the Japanese look and is eager to bring it to their own home will find this book a valuable resource.
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