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Marta Serrats


Lacná kniha Green Style (-50%)

This book brings together all the concepts of eco-behaviour which will guide our lives in the 21st century, offering the reader alternative ways of living which reconcile design and aesthetics with sustainable development. It contains ecological values attached to state-of-the-art design principles to achieve a better quality of life, better product design, better living environments, better clothing, a better bicycle and even a better London double-decker bus! Illustrated with full colour photographs of state of the art designs for everyday products which conform to 21st ecological requirements
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New Shops and Boutiques

This volume is a shopping tour around the newest shops in the world that have captured the public's attention and recognition, thanks to their exceptional interior and exterior architecture and design. Content: Firms such as Prada, La Perla, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabana, Mandarina Duck, Donna Karan trust the design of their shops to international architects like Rem Koolhaas, Herzog & De Meuron or Philippe Starck.
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Point Of Purchase

Imaginative and inspirational, Point of Purchase is an essential resource for creating striking and innovative exhibition and store displays. This book showcases a variety successful point of purchase displays that look great, use retail space efficiently, and drive sales. It presents a wide range of formats, dimensions, styles, and a whole visual language that is used to entice the customer into the purchase. Colors, textures, lighting, and graphic arts fuse to create expressive, captivating, and functional systems, capable of capturing the attention of potential buyers. With full-color photographs throughout, Point of Purchase is a must for anyone involved in retail, interior, and exhibition, stand, and event design.
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Terraces, Balconies, Roofgardens and Patios

Green spaces have gone from being just an aesthetic contribution to the landscape to a key element in sustainable and environmental development. Green spaces have gone from being just an aesthetic contribution to the landscape to a key element in sus tainable and environmental development. Hide synopsis
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Modern Garden Design

Nejnovější éra zahrad rozšiřuje rozpětí a zobrazuje strukturované geometrické sektory. Nové materiály včetně Corten oceli nebo hliníku se používají pro ohraničení a důraz je kladen na trávy, sukulenty a keře namísto květin a hustého listoví.
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500 Tips for Garden Design

Gardens provide us with a way to enjoy our environment and to extend our homes outwards. This book displays the fundamentals for a larger variety of designs and tips for creating outdoor spaces. These will help you to create your own natural space at home in a simple and easy way. FUNCTIONS OF THE GARDEN: Contemplation, leisure, vegetables; rock gardens; Japanese; cold climates. TIPS FOR GARDEN DESIGN: Organising space; foutnains & pools; designing with plants and flowers. AN ECOLOGICAL GARDEN: Patios with vegetation; irrigation; climate control; natural shade; green roofs and walls. AN URBAN GARDEN: Terraces; courtyards; balconies; indoor gardens. HOME EXTENSIONS: Bathing; cooking; outdoor rooms. GARDEN DECORATING: Outdoor furniture; lighting; accessories.
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Interior Design Inspirations 3

Kniha představuje 600 stran kvalitních detailních fotografií pro vaši inspiraci při tvorbě či inovaci interiérového designu.
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Eco Architecture

Each architectural project presented in this book reflects challenges confronting the architect and the solutions they find to create thoughtful, sustainable designs and methods of construction using socially responsible, environmentally-friendly practices. Throughout this superbly illustrated book, we discover the principles of eco architecture; smart design, use of eco-materials, energy efficiency, water conservation and a healthy, sound natural environment, both in residential living spaces and in largerscale, industrial environments. Featuring an extensive collection of full-colour photographs, we see the outstanding works of internationally-renowned and emerging architects and designers who have achieved practical, innovative and stylish solutions within the framework of modern eco-architecture. Included here are the latest innovations, including solar panelling, wind energy systems, environmentallyfriendly heating and cooling solutions and thermal glazing. Exploring the ideas of each of the 100 protagonists featured, the book is lavishly illustrated with photos, plans and original drawings, focusing on various geographical areas of particular interest. This remarkable book looks towards a future where design can be at once sophisticated, innovative, constructive, eco-friendly and functional.
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Invitations, Greeting Cards, Postcards and Self-Promotion

A collection of greeting cards, personal invitations, and announcement cards that have been either made by hand or produced with the most avant-garde computer- design techniques. Nine seconds is the current estimate of the amount of time that it takes to captivate the eye. In our information-saturated world, in which email has monopolized personal communication, handmade greeting cards, personal invitations, and announcement cards offer an element of exclusive value and a unique charm, bringing together imagination, real texture, and a wide variety of design techniques. This publication focuses on the latest creative card designs produced by innovative design studios and artists throughout the world. The ideas showcased in its three hundred pages range from handmade cards that elude conventional printing processes to the most avant-garde computer-designed offerings. The book shows the creative processes and techniques used in each project and analyses the key elements of their success. This book is a great source of inspiration for those eager to break boundaries and go one step further with their creativity and imagination.
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1000 visual tips on Garden design

A Practical and Inspirational Guide. A garden is a little piece of nature transformed by humans and integrated into their environment for their enjoyment. Gardens are also an outward extension of the home an extra living space for leisure and recreation. These concepts are the basis for the large variety of designs and tips for outdoor spaces presented in this magnificent book. It is a visual guide filled with original ideas and tricks which enable you to let your imagination run free to create a natural space in your home. The examples described and illustrated can be adapted to any kind of garden and any needs you may have.
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