David Smith


Business English for Beginners příručka učitele

Kurs je určen jak studentům, připravujícím se na kariéru v oblasti obchodu a služeb, tak profesionálům z praxe. Je využitelný ve výuce angličtiny na obchodních akademiích, na středních odborných školách a učilištích a vyšších odborných školách. V obc hodní praxi se stane dobrým východiskem pro podnikatele, živnostníky i manažery na všech úrovních řízení, od asistentek až po generální ředitele.
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100 Classic Toys

This fascinating book covers one hundred classic toys that have enchanted, captivated and enthralled generations of children. From the simplest building blocks to the most sophisticated robots, each toy included is still being manufactured or is easily available through sites like eBay. Why do some toys become classic? There are many reasons why particular toys stood out from their competitors. Perhaps the limitless creative possibilities of the LEGO brick, the timeless appeal of the dolls' house or the comforting presence of a favourite bear--whatever the secret, these toys and games have earned a special place in the hearts of millions of children (and former children). The author presents the background on how each toy was created and explains why it has become a classic. He also provides information about the manufacturer and how to find the toy--even in cases where it might not still be in production. Anybody flicking through the pages of 100 Classic Toys for Generations will be able to see a toy and say, "I used to have one of those!" This is a book for toy collectors, for parents and grandparents, for anyone who has ever played with a toy!
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