Aimee Song


Capture Your Style

With 3 million Instagram fans and counting, Aimee Song knows a thing or two about taking the perfect Instagram photo. In Capture Your Style, Song reveals the secrets behind creating the ultimate feed and breaks down the technical and editorial essentials for creating an account that will draw thousands of followers to earn you likes and brand attention. Organised by lifestyle categories, including fashion, travel, food, decor and more, the book presents the best apps and filters for processing photos, improving your voice and capturing your story on Instagram. There is also how-to information for propping and styling food and fashion photos. Whether you're launching a career or simply sharing a gorgeous meal with your friends, Capture Your Style empowers you to become a master mobile photographer and shows you how to turn everyday moments into Instagold
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Aimee Song - World of Style

*From the author of the New York Times bestseller Capture Your Style* Aimee Song is a fashion icon, a sartorial star, the blogger behind Song of Style, and the author of Capture Your Style. Here she collects more than five hundred of her all-time favorite looks from around the world. Her style, favorite travel spots, and personal memories from the hottest destinations all over the globe, including: ANGUILLA * ANTWERP * AUSTIN * BALI * BERMUDA * BUSAN * CAPRI * CHICAGO * COSTA RICA * CROATIA * DALLAS * DUBAI * THE FRENCH RIVIERA * THE HAMPTONS * IBIZA * ICELAND * INDIA * JAKARTA * KYOTO * LONDON * LOS ANGELES * LOS CABOS * MAURITIUS * MIAMI * MILAN * MOROCCO * NAYARIT * NEW YORK * PALM SPRINGS * PARIS * THE PHILIPPINES * PHUKET * SEOUL * SICILY * SINGAPORE * SOUTH AFRICA * ST. BARTS * SWITZERLAND * TOKYO * TULUM * VENICE
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