Lisa Taggart


Backyards for Kids

Sunset Outdoor Design & Build Guide: Backyards for Kids is the ultimate guide for parents who want to create imaginative outdoor spaces where their kids can play and explore. From treehouses and playhouses to tunnels, hiding places, and sandboxes, this visual and comprehensive guide presents safe and stylish spaces for all ages. It also goes further than the other building books on the market, helping parents plan easy-to-grow gardens for their budding farmers and giving lists of the best trees for climbing, vines for creating luscious jungles, and more. With great inspiration and simple instruction, this book helps you finally build that backyard escape your kids have been asking for. Outdoor Design & Build Guide: Backyards for Kids includes: More than two dozen approachable projects-from a climbing wall or playhouse to a sandbox or swingsProject ideas that are not only smart and safe, but will create the ultimate fun and imaginative outdoor spaces for kids to enjoyStep-by-step instructions for every projectInspirational photos to help you personalize your projects Expert tips on perfecting the final touches of a fun backyard addition, including the best materials to use for each project.
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