John Thompson


Média a modernita

Kniha britského sociologa Johna B. Thompsona Média a modernita tvoří jeden ze základních textů sociálních věd. Nabízí syntetizující výklad úlohy, kterou mají komunikační média při vývoji moderní společnosti od knihtisku přes rozmach masových médií až po
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Washington DC 5th Edition

A primer on the national capital's many facets, the fully updated and revised National Geographic Traveler: Washington, D.C., is a must-have for any visitor. Detailed, informative entries on the city's main sites--including the Capitol, White House, and museum-laden National Mall--provide background information on each place, along with logistics on how best to visit. Included, too, are lesser known sites such as Dumbarton Oaks and its gorgeous gardens; bustling Eastern Market, a popular weekend brunch stop; and Frederick Douglas's former residence, Cedar Hill. Self-guided walks help you get to know different areas, including a brick sidewalk tour of stately Georgetown and a spin around the President's neighborhood. Extensive features help explain some of the undercurrents of this fascinating place, including insights into the political machine and how the Old Guard Washington works. The guide also includes the popular Insider Tips from National Geographic and local experts on favorite or little known sights and events, as well as dozens of experiential sidebars, including participating in the kite-flying festival and reliving black history in the U Street area.
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