Matt Ward


The Inch Prince

This is a new title in the fantastic First Reading series, aimed at children who are beginning to read. When Mrs Ping´s wish to have a child is granted by a passing fairy, she and her husband become the parents of a little boy who´s just one inch tall. Is
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What Dogs Want

Let's be honest, our pets may seem pretty straightforward, but as soon as you become an owner there are so many questions!What do my dog's barks mean? Should I be brushing their teeth? How do I even know what kind of dog is right for me?Mat Ward believes that dogs and humans are both pretty amazing, and full of potential. His expert guidance for being the world's best owner comes with tons of cute, funny and accurate illustrations that make it easy. You'll learn how your furry friend's brain really works and discover amazing modern ways to train them at any age. Play new games, develop communication skills and just relax into having fun together!Your dog will be well-trained and contented - and that means you'll feel happy too.
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