Zuza Zak



The food of Poland has long been overlooked, but the time is right for areinvention. We all have Polish neighbours, friends and almost certainlya Polish shop near our home. In the UK Polish is the second most-spokenlanguage after English and there are 10 million people of Polish descent inthe United States.In Polska, young food writer Zuza Zak presents her contemporary takeon Polish cuisine, with over 100 recipes for snacks and party foods, soups,preserves, breads, fish, meat and poultry, salads and veg, and cakes anddesserts. She places Polish food within the context of the country's historyand geography, and tracks how it has developed and adapted to Poland'sever-changing political and economic situation.With recipes including Tuna cured in bisongrass vodka, Courgette islandswith dill flowers, and Mini doughnuts with rose filling, and lavish photographyfrom the acclaimed Laura Edwards, Polska is a breath of fresh air.
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