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2015 Macmillan Readers Literature Collection


Agnes Grey + CD

Agnes Grey is a classic story written by Anne Bronte. The story is about Agnes, the eighteen-year-old daughter of a poor clergyman. When her family loses a lot of money, Agnes decides to help by finding a job as a governess. But it proves to be a lot more difficult than Agnes imagined... Also comes with audio CD.
13,87 € 14,60 €

Animal Stories

This collection brings together stories and extracts which explore the relationship people have with animals large and small, wild and tame, real and imaginary. From a fantastical children's fable to a complex psychological love story, readers are sure to find stories that will delight and entertain them.
10,92 € 11,49 €

Italy + CD

This Reader provides an informative overview of Italian history, art, culture, geography and climate, food, fashion, sport and more. Italy is a country in Europe. Italy has a rich history of empires and great thinkers, and has been a centre for Western culture for thousands of years. Also comes with audio CD.
12,05 € 12,68 €