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Kolektív autorov: Web Sites
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9783899850505

Web Sites

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O knihe: The Internet is the newest mass medium and at the same time most exciting technical development of our time. It offers nearly unlimited communication and information possibilities for everyone, according to the motto: "everyone, everywhere, connected. " Created from a military network in the U. S. A. in 1969 and furnished with the graphic user interface World Wide Web, the Internet has long incorporated countless local networks and web sites worldwide. It isn’t surprising that around the globe over 500 million users are surfing more than 2 billion web sites. And there is no end in sight, because the Internet is expanding with dizzying speed. The appeal of the Internet is its actuality. Data can be accessed immediately from anywhere in the world, and everything one can even think of, on every possible theme, is offered. For both private individuals and companies, web sites are the modern equivalent of business cards. Websites uses detailed screen images of numerous selected sites covering themes including lifestyle, food, travel, sports, art and music, offering the curious reader an entertaining overview of this fascinating and fast-paced medium. For anyone who enjoys surfing the Net or those looking for creative suggestions, this book is just the right thing!

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