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La reine dans le palais des courants d'air - Millénium 3

Que les lecteurs des deux premiers tomes de la trilogie Millénium ne lisent pas les lignes qui suivent s'ils préfèrent découvrir par eux-mêmes ce troisième volume d'une série rapidement devenue culte. Le lecteur du deuxième tome l'espérait, son rêve est exaucé : Lisbeth n'est pas morte. Ce n'est cependant pas une raison pour crier victoire : Lisbeth, très mal en point, va rester coincée des semaines à l'hôpital, dans l'incapacité physique de bouger et d'agir. Coincée, elle l'est d'autant plus que pèsent sur elle diverses accusations qui la font placer en isolement par la police. Un ennui de taille : son père, qui la hait et qu'elle a frappé à coups de hache, se trouve dans le même hôpital, un peu en meilleur état qu'elle... Il n'existe, par ailleurs, aucune raison pour que cessent les activités souterraines de quelques renégats de la Säpo, la police de sûreté. Pour rester cachés, ces gens de l'ombre auront sans doute intérêt à éliminer ceux qui les gênent ou qui savent. Côté forces du bien. on peut compter sur Mikael blomkvist, qui, d'une part, aime beaucoup Lisbeth mais ne peut pas la rencontrer, et, d'autre part, commence à concocter un beau scoop sur des secrets d'Etat qui pourraient, par la même occasion, blanchir à jamais Lisbeth. Mikael peut certainement compter sur l'aide d'Armanskij, reste à savoir s'il peut encore faire confiance à Erika Berger, passée maintenant rédactrice en chef d'une publication concurrente.
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Millénium 3 La Reine Dans Le Palais Des

Le lecteur du deuxième tome l’espérait, son rêve est exaucé : Lisbeth n’est pas morte. Ce n’est cependant pas une raison pour crier victoire : Lisbeth, très mal en point, va rester coincée des semaines à l’hôpital, dans l’incapacité physique de bouger et d’agir. Coincée, elle l’est d’autant plus que pèsent sur elle diverses accusations qui la font placer en isolement par la police. Un ennui de taille : son père, qui la hait et qu’elle a frappé à coups de hache, se trouve dans le même hôpital, un peu en meilleur état qu’elle. Voici enfin au format de poche le troisième et dernier volet de la série culte publiée dans le monde entier avec un succès phénoménal.
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Millénium 2 (fran.)

La Fille Qui Revait D'un Bidon D'essence Et D'une Allumette v. 2
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Yves Saint Laurent's Studio: Mirrors and Secrets

The name of Yves Saint Laurent, one of the great fashion designers of the twentieth century, evokes the now-iconic looks he helped popularize as part of the modern woman's wardrobe: the Le Smoking tuxedo jacket, the pea coat, the Mondrian dress, the jumpsuit. But seven years after Saint Laurent's death, the man himself remains an enigma and a source of fascination (two Yves Saint Laurent biopics were released in 2014). In "Yves Saint Laurent's Studio: Mirror and Secrets," the first book to be published by the Fondation Pierre Bergé with Yves Saint Laurent, fashion historian Jérômine Savignon invites the reader into the designer's studio, revealing Saint Laurent's approach to fashion and design. Illustrated with more than 40 previously unpublished photographs, this volume offers a fresh, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the work of this iconic fashion designer. A precocious talent, Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) started work at the venerable fashion house of Christian Dior at the age of 18. He started his own design house in 1961 with his partner Pierre Bergé. Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to hire nonwhite models, and the first to lend his name to a ready-to-wear line while maintaining his haute couture business. He became the first designer to be honored with a Costume Institute retrospective at The Metropolitan Museum of Art during his lifetime, with a 1983 show organized by Diana Vreeland, who called him the "Pied Piper of fashion," because "whatever he does, women of all ages, from all over the world, follow."
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Nils - Udo

At the invitation of the town of Cannes, renowned German artist Nils-Udo, pioneer of Land Art, will create several ephemeral installations this summer on Ile Sainte- Marguerite, the largest of the Lerins Islands, an exceptionally preserved natural site at the heart of the French Riviera. The event will be immortalised through a collection of original photographs that will complete the monographic exhibition dedicated to the links between Nils-Udo, the Mediterranean and the islands. Through his installations on water, mossy wooden rafts, fleeting installations of turf, flowers and bamboo on the infinite scope of the Mediterranean, the visitor will be taken to Italy and the Spanish islands in order to look with fresh eyes upon the beauty, but also the fragility, of these sites. This exhibition, curated by Frederique Citera-Bulot, director of the Musees de Cannes, will take place in the spectacular location of the Musee de la Mer, in the Fort Royal de lIle Saint-Marguerite rooms dedicated to contemporary photography.
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This book explores the artistic nature of tattooing and celebrates its living, creative, changing essence. Alongside the omniscience of tattoing throughout the world for thousands of years, presented through rare artifacts, the book pays tribute to the pioneers of the modern era, those responsible for its great transformation into the mainstream. Tattooing has become one of the most dynamic artistic currents of our era and is ever-evolving, despite the great revolutions the art has undergone. This book looks to its foremost representatives, the tattoo artists themselves, the guardians of the temple. With this in mind, two types of contemporary workshop creations have been produced. The first one presents thirteen silicone models, thirteen extracts of the body, prints modelled from actual people, used by tattoo artists in the exercise of their art, machine worked or using traditional tools, depending on their daily practice. In search of a mise en abyme, blank canvases were offered to other artists, in the classic application known as body suit. The artists featuring in the book are world recognized. All active continents are represented: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. All practitioners are respected by their peers for their contribution to the art. Finally there is a series of photos presenting the two most recent currents in modern tattooing, a locker room of aesthetic graphics that firmly root tattooing in the third millennium.
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Sophie Calle - True stories

This expanded edition of Calle's 1994 classic features four new tales First published in French in 1994, quickly acclaimed as a photobook classic and since republished and enhanced, True Stories returns for the fifth time, gathering a series of short autobiographical texts and photos by acclaimed French artist Sophie Calle, this time with four new tales. Calle's projects have frequently drawn on episodes from her own life, but this book--part visual memoir, part meditation on the resonances of photographs and belongings--is as close as she has come to producing an autobiography, albeit one highly poetical and fragmentary, as is characteristic of her work. The tales--never longer than a page--are by turns lighthearted, humorous, serious, dramatic or cruel. Each is accompanied by an image; each offers a fragment of life. The slim, portable volume is divided into sections: the first is composed of various reflections on objects such as a shoe, a postcard or "the breasts"; the second, "The Husband," of recollections of episodes from Calle's first marriage; and the third gathers a variety of autobiographical recollections. Calle herself is the author, narrator and protagonist of her stories and photography; her words are somber, chosen precisely and carefully. One of the 21st century's foremost artists, Calle here offers up her own story--childhood, marriage, sex, death--with brilliant humor, insight and pleasure. Sophie Calle (born 1953) creates controversial works exploring the tensions between the observed, the reported, the secret and the unsaid. She has mounted solo shows at major museums across the world and represented France at the Venice Biennale in 2007
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Nicole de Vesian - Gardens

De Vésian created gardens by studying the region, its plants, its light and its agricultural traditionsAfter a career as a designer working for such great design houses as Hermes, Nicole de Vésian (1916-96) moved to Provence and created her first garden. On the narrow terraces around her home, de Vésian designed her own masterpiece in a minimal but far from austere style, composed mainly of heathland plants (varieties of thyme, lavender, rosemary, rockrose and box tree), in which she pruned all her plants to cushion shapes of varying yet superbly proportioned sizes, resulting in a breathtaking scene. Her gardens soon inspired gardeners and landscapers around the world. Today, few gardens have been imitated as readily as those of de Vésian. Her most notable garden is La Louve, which is her garden in Bonnieux, a French hilltop village in the Luberon area of Provence. Nicole de Vésian: Gardens is an up-to-date edition of de Vésian's bestselling 2011 monograph, with a new postface describing de Vésian's influence on the art of gardening. In general, the publication acts as a tribute to de Vésian and her life. Her close friend, acclaimed garden historian Louisa Jones (The Garden Visitor's Companion), shares her own thoughts on the work of this atypical creator, accompanied by accounts from her friends and pupils: Christian Lacroix, the nursery owner Jean-Marie Rey, the landscape artists Arnaud Maurieres, Éric Ossart and Marc Nucera, as well as the garden historians Roy Strong and John Brookes. As Louisa Jones writes, de Vésian "has a feeling for space like musicians have a feeling for music."
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Nan Goldin

An affordable introduction to the work of Nan Goldin, based on works from the legendary Collection LambertThe third volume of the Lambert Collection Icons series is dedicated to Nan Goldin (born 1953), very much an icon of her generation, whose work is prominent in Yvon Lambert's Collection, which contains more than 100 works of the photographer's deeply, personal candid portraiture. The photographer and collector were personal friends, enjoying a passionate relationship marked by periods of estrangement and intense reunions. More than 80 of the artist's portraits are included here--snapshots of people meeting, laughing, embracing, entwining, loving, suffering, crying, dying and living as intensely as possible.
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