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The camera's romance with the car: a photo history Autophoto explores photography's longstanding and generative relationship to the automobile. Since its invention, the automobile has reshaped our landscape, extended our geographic horizons and radically altered our conception of space and time, influencing the practice of photographers worldwide. The book shows how the car provided photographers with new subject matter and a new way of exploring the world. It brings together 500 works made by 100 historical and contemporary artists from around the world, including Robert Adams, BrassaI, Edward Burtynsky, Langdon Clay, John Divola, Robert Doisneau, William Eggleston, Elliott Erwitt, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Anthony Hernandez, Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Joel Meyerowitz, Daido Moriyama, Catherine Opie, Martin Parr, RosAngela RennO, Ed Ruscha, Hans-Christian Schink, Malick SidibE, Stephen Shore and Henry Wessel. Capturing formal qualities such as the geometric design of roadways or reflections in a rear view mirror, these photographers invite us to look at the world of the automobile in a new way. Autophoto also includes other projects, such as a series of car models that cast a fresh eye on the history of automobile design, created specifically for the Fondation Cartier show by French artist Alain Bublex, plus a comparative history of automobile design and photography, essays by scholars and quotes by participating artists.
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America Latina 1960-2013

From 19 November 2013 to 6 April 2014, the Fondation Cartier pour lart contemporain will be showing America Latina 1960-2013, organized in collaboration with the Amparo Museum in Puebla (Mexico). The exhibition offers a new perspective on Latin American photography from 1960 to today, focusing on the relationship between text and the photographic image. Bringing together more than seventy artists from eleven different countries, it shows the great diversity of photographic practices by presenting the work of documentary photographers as well as that of contemporary artists who appropriate the medium in different ways. This catalogue of the exhibition offers a vast panorama of the artistic production of the last fifty years. Including over 400 black-and-white and color reproductions, it explores the wealth of photographic work while shedding light on the historical and artistic context that spawned it. In addition to scholarly texts and artist bios, descriptions of works and a detailed timeline provide a deeper understanding of the visual languages specific to the continent. Chronicling the vital legacy of Latin American artists, the book shows the scope of their influence beyond their cultural and geographical territory.
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David Lynch - Nudes

"I like to photograph naked women. The infinite variety of the human body is fascinating: it is amazing and magic to see how different women are."-- David Lynch Ten years after the exhibition The Air Is on Fire, which unveiled David Lynch's photographic and painting work, comes the new photographic volume, David Lynch, Nudes, published by the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris. Featuring more than one hundred black-and-white and color images, many of them published for the first time, of feminine nudes captured by the iconic artist, these erotically charged photographs are close to abstraction, offering kaleidoscopic visions of the woman and attesting to David Lynch's fascination with the infinite variety of the human body while also reminiscent of his cinematographic work.
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David Lynch :Digital Nudes

The latest volume of the polymathic filmmaker's protean nude portraiture Though he is best known as a writer and director, David Lynch has long been dedicated to photography. This volume is the second installment of Lynch's series of photographic explorations of the female figure. Digital Nudes brings together a corpus of previously unpublished digital images in line with the aesthetics of the first volume's analog photographs, while experimenting with the possibilities offered by digital technology. Kaleidoscopic visions of legs, arms or inscrutable landscapes of soft skin, chiaroscuro portraits where the stark lighting cuts across his subjects as cleanly as a knife, images of varnished nails and lacquered mouths all appear--the American filmmaker's photography embodies a style that can only be described as "Lynchian." The Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain presents this collection of images that combine the surreal and the sensual to create new, nearly uncanny interpretations of feminine beauty. David Lynch (born 1946) is the enigmatic mastermind behind some of the strangest and most beloved contemporary classics in cinema and television. His filmography includes Eraserhead (1977), Dune (1984), Blue Velvet (1986), Mulholland Drive (2001) and the cult television program Twin Peaks (1990-91), which he co-created with producer Mark Frost. He has received numerous prestigious accolades, including the Golden Lion lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival in 2007. Lynch primarily lives and works in Los Angeles.
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Luiz Zerbini: Botanica, Monotypes 2016-2020

Exquisite monotypes celebrating the beauty of plants by transforming them into inky abstractions Though he has engaged with a variety of mediums--watercolor, photography, sculpture--Brazilian artist Luiz Zerbini (born 1959) has devoted the past several years to the creation of monotypes. He selects leaves, flowers and branches for their distinctive shapes and textures and places them on an inked metal plate. He then lays a large sheet of paper over the plate so that the botanical compositions are transferred onto the page. The result is a large-scale monotype print that immerses the viewer in the minute details of a plant's anatomy. High contrast, with a minimal palette of browns, blacks and greens, these images blur the distinction between figuration and abstraction. Over the past four years, the artist has created more than 300 monotypes in this style, working from within major museum institutions in Brazil. Now, Zerbini has collaborated with the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain to collect the entire series in a single large-format volume. In these images, readers can appreciate his dedication to both the craft of printmaking and the preservation of the world's natural beauty in unexpected ways.
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