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Towards Zero Energy Architecture

Today, more than ever, architects must re-engage the forces of the sun to respond to the profound challenges of global warming and climate change. Towards Zero- Energy Architecture is a much needed call for the design professions to redefine architecture to help alleviate ecological problems. This book explores the theories, practices and principles of new approaches to solar architecture that foster both design excellence and low-energy use. Solar architecture is more than the sum of passive strategies, technological systems and ecological engineering. An architecture shaped by the sun responds to climate, place and site, and expresses an aesthetic based on the form-giving attributes of these environmental forces. To illustrate this, the author analyses ten awardwinning buildings from around the world, focusing on the details of the design strategy, the impact of local climate and the importance of seasonal changes in sunlight and wind strength. She further shows how new technology enables architects to achieve greater performance standards, while at the same time generating an environmental aesthetic. As well as its significance to architecture, this approach to building provides a critical means of integrating sustainability in our daily lives.
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A Type Primer

This book provides a practical guide for the beginner presenting the basic principles and applications of typography with a series of exercises that reinforce the acquired knowledge. The intent of this book is to bring the reader to the point where he or she can understand and demonstrate the basic principles of typography. According to the author, the only way to recognise successful typography is through informed, direct observation. It takes time, trial and error, to know what works. A Type Primer seeks to strengthen the reader's eye so that he or she has the skills to answer the question, "Does this work?". The design of the book employs the principles that the author espouses. The pages are clear and open with judicious use of a second colour throughout to illuminate and highlight points raised within the text.
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Pattern Magic 2

Pattern Magic 2 is the cult pattern-cutting book from Japan, partner to the original title Pattern Magic. Inspiring and exciting, this volume takes a creative approach to pattern cutting, with more step-by-step projects for fashion designers and dressmakers to enjoy. These easy-to-follow illustrations and detailed instructions make it easy to create stunning, sculptural clothes. After serving many years as a professor at Bunka Fashion College, Tomoko Nakamichi currently delivers lectures and holds courses on pattern making in her native Japan and internationally. This book brings together the results of the research on garment patterns she has carried out to help instruct her students.
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Very Small Cafes & Restaurants

Following on from LKP's successful books Micro: Very Small Buidlings, by Ruth Slavid, and Very Small Shops, John Stones turns his attention to eating establishments, focusing on food outlets where there is just enough space to eat. Small food outlets are enjoying an upsurge in the quality of food served and in their eye-catching design. In many of these bijou ventures, especially where food is sold to take away, the graphics, brand identity and packaging are just as important as the interior. All of the establishments featured measure less than 150 square metres indeed, many are much smaller than that so the designers must make a big impact with very little space. Very Small Cafes and Restaurants features around 40 projects from around the world by such designers as Wonderwall, Marti Guixe, Thomas Heatherwick and Ippolito Fleitz Group. Projects are grouped by type of outlet: pizzerias, noodle bars, cafes and coffee shops, ice-cream parlours and delicatessens. This book will be inspirational for designers faced with the challenge of a tiny cafe or restaurant, as well as for independent food retailers looking for fresh new ways to present their product.
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The Tote Bag

Tote bags are becoming more and more popular because they are reusable and eco-friendly. This affordable and stylish alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bag is now also a fashion statement. The use of tote bags has spread from the eco-savvy shopper to the style-conscious consumer. With this shift, totes have moved from being a purely utilitarian item to a medium for self-expression. The printed design on the tote bag is effectively a communication message to express a persons personality. The graphics, imagery and messages displayed on tote bags are becoming increasingly sophisticated, subtle and imaginative. This book showcases some of the most striking, inventive and subversive of current examples of the tote. The featured totes come from a wide range of illustrators and graphic designers around the world, with designs including floral prints, typography, illustrations and characters.
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A type primer

A practical introduction to typography, this book analyses the basic principles and applications of type. From measuring type and classifying typefaces to organising text on a page and understanding grid systems, the author covers everything that the beginning student of graphic design needs to know. In addition, he includes a brief history of typography, numerous examples to illustrate the points raised and a series of useful exercises to help readers put basic principles into practice. Engagingly written, this book is an invaluable resource for all students of graphic design and typography.
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New Shoes

Showcasing some of the most exciting and innovative contemporary footwear designers from across the globe, this book reflects the rich and diverse range of cutting-edge shoe design. Using specially commissioned photography, never before published sketches, and original design material, New Shoes brings together a rich mix of desirable shoes, sandals, and boots to illustrate the unique blend of design skill and craftsmanship that footwear design demands.
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Film Critical Introduction

Updated and expanded for a new edition, this is the perfect starter text for students of film studies. This book illustrates basic film concepts in context and in depth. It addresses techniques and terminology used in film production and criticism, emphasizing thinking and writing critically and effectively. Organized in three parts, the text focuses on the fundamentals of film analysis before moving on to more complex topics. Parts I and II teach students to recognize how the components of filmnarrative, mise en scene, cinematography, editing and soundwork together to produce meaning within an individual film text. Part III introduces readers to interpretive frameworks that treat cinema as a cultural institution. This section encourages readers to move beyond textual analysis and consider the relationship between film and culture. Readers learn to form sophisticated arguments about film in cultural, historical and economic contexts. 'This text is extremely well-organized and the examples cited are dead-on and up-to-date. This text makes both contemporary and classical references, certain to make its point clear to those students who are beginners and who have not seen many classical films' - Walton Jones, University of California, San Diego.
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Fashion Design

This book offers a thorough grounding in the principles of fashion design, describing the qualities and skills needed to become a fashion designer, examining the varied career opportunities available and giving a balanced inside view of the fashion business today.
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Folding Techniques for Designers

Many designers use folding techniques in their work to make three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional sheets of fabric, cardboard, plastic, metal and many other materials. This unique book explains the key techniques of folding, such as pleated su rfaces, curved folding and crumpling. An elegant, practical handbook, it covers over 70 techniques explained by clear step-by-step drawings, crease pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography. The book will be accompanied by a CD contain ing all the crease pattern drawings.
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Construction for Landscape Architecture

Aimed at students and professionals, this book covers all aspects of landscape construction, giving a good understanding of building materials and of assembly. Well-designed landscape construction depends on a thorough understanding of materials (inc luding their formation, chemistry and physical characteristics) and of practical construction. Following a brief introduction, the book is divided into five chapters on general principles, materials, elements, assembly, and protection and finishes. T he book is illustrated with numerous specially commissioned, detailed construction drawings. At the end of the book there is a glossary and an appendix of technical information. 'The combination of hand drawing, informative text, case studies and an excellent range of photographs make this an essential text for all those seeking an introduction to the materiality and fabrication techniques used in landscape architecture.' Ian Fisher, Programme Leader for Landscape Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture.
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Drawing for Urban Design

Drawing for Urban Design explores a range of ways to represent the city, from freehand sketching to the sophisticated interactive computer model of the city of the future. There are many ways to engage with images of the city by exploring and conside ring what exists as well as imagining future ideas for the development of the city. Many professionals need to describe city environments in the course of their work. This can be done through maps, sketches, computer renderings or models. This book p rovides an introduction to these techniques while explaining the processes associated with describing and designing urban environments. Following a brief introduction the book is divided into five parts. Chapter one traces the historical context of u rban design. Chapter two explores traditional and contemporary methods of drawing and representing cities. Chapter three introduces and describes a range of tools and techniques for analyzing and mapping cities and urban spaces. Chapter four deals wi th the imagined city of the future and the virtual city, and chapter five showcases eight masterplanning projects from around the world by internationally renowned architects, ranging from the regeneration of a historic environment to the creation of an entirely new city. The book is illustrated throughout with examples of representations of the city created using a range of techniques, from simple freehand pencil sketches through to the most complex CAD visualizations and computer mapping techn iques. This book will provide the architecture and urban planning student with an invaluable visual grammar for representing the contemporary city.
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Protest Stencil Toolkit

This book enables non-designers to create graphics for protests. The 46 different stencils in the book, including 2 typefaces, can be combined to create slogans and powerful visual messages. The die-cut stencils are robust enough to be re-used many t imes. The selection of images has been made to reflect the concerns of our times, such as the environment and the financial system. There are also a number of images taken from the great protest movements of the 20th Century. With a mixture of powerf ul images and the limitless potential to create slogans, the book is not only fun, but also a serious look at the graphics of protest.
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How to Be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever!

How to be the best Bubblewriter in the World Ever shows you how to create your own hand-drawn alphabets. The book contains over 70 typefaces, inspired by everything from Hairy Monsters to butterflies, insects to ice cream. Each double page spread con tains both the alphabet and an illustration which brings it to life. The book is printed on thick matt paper which will allow you to interact with the book using pencil or pen. This book is designed to stimulate the creative minds of children of all ages.
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This broad introduction to illustration reveals the artistic, intellectual and organizational skills needed to practice as a freelance illustrator, and helps the reader navigate the specialist areas of its application. There is a practical introducti on to image-making, covering ways of drawing, viewpoints and perspective, colour palettes and choice of media, along with an examination of how illustration communicates through metaphor, symbolism, wit, narrative, and more. Chapters devoted to edito rial, publishing, corporate/advertising and the entertainment industry introduce the reader to the nature and function of different types of illustration, tracking the progress of real-life commissions and presenting a gallery of examples of contempo rary work. The book also addresses practical considerations when setting up a working environment, from the design of the workspace lighting, computer equipment and basic tools to time management and collaborative working.
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Symbols play an integral role in branding programs. More often than not, symbols are used alongside logotypes, the two working in tandem to illustrate the values and qualities of a brand to its audience. However, symbols can be hugely effective on th eir own, providing organizations and brands with marks that provide an instantly recognizable signifier when seen independently of the brand name and/or logotype. Nike's Swoosh is seldom seen with its corresponding logotype these days: it has become so familiar that we dont need the name to recognize the brand. Among countless other examples, the Shell symbol, Michelin's Bibendum, London Transports intersected circle, the Guinness Harp and the Woolmark symbol form a unique visual vernacular as u biquitous and familiar as the man at work pictogram. The book features over 1300 symbols, organized into groups and sub-groups according to their visual characteristics. Each category includes a short introduction, with expanded captions providing in formation on who the symbol was designed for, who designed it, when, and where appropriate, what the symbol stands for. These sections are interspersed with short case studies on both classic examples of symbols still in use, and exceptional examples of recently designed symbols.
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