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Shadow Of The Sphinx

The time has come for the final confrontation. Appointed supreme magistrate and first minister of Egypt, Pazair and his wife Neferet must join forces against the Finance Minister, Pazair's sworn enemy, now openly presenting himself as spokesman for the conspirators who plan to overthrow Ramses the Great in order to seize supreme power. The situation appears desperate. By undermining the economy, the conspirators threaten to destroy the values which presided over the birth of Egyptian civilisation. And allies are few and far between. Where is Pazair's blood brother Suti, who has escaped from his Nubian prison? After several fruitless attempts, will the mysterious "shadow-eater" succeed in eliminating Pazair? Who is the real leader of the conspirators, the one hiding in the shadows? And who will emerge victorious from this fierce battle, on which the survival of Egypt depends?
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Kate Remembered

'For more than twenty years, Katharine Hepburn imparted many of the details of her life to me suggesting that I weave them into a book - one that would appear upon her death. Sad to say, the time has come to publish that book. But I find comfort in knowing she lived a very rich 96 years, and I have tried my best to honour her wish of making the book as true to her spirit as possible - as inspiring, as loving and as fun.' Scott Berg KATE REMEMBERED is a loving tribute and a tender farewell that reveals an unusual relationship in a unique life, one fully lived - and largely according to Katharine Hepburn's own rules. More importantly, it sets down many of the stories of that life as she saw them, full of sentiments she felt should not be made public until after her death. Ultimately, this book is not only a story of the poignant final twenty years in which Scott Berg knew Katharine Hepburn, but also a tale of a great theatrical personality and the better part of the century that was the stage for her distinguished life.
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Broken Music: Memoirs

"I pore over Beatles albums with the same obsessive and forensic scrutiny that I'd applied to Rodgers and Hammerstein, only now I have a guitar. I have an instrument that can reproduce the practical magic of the chord structures and the network of ri ffs that their songs are built on. And what songs, one after the other, album after album. I learn to play them all, confident that if I persevere, what I can't play immediately will yield its secret eventually. I will reapply the needle of the recor d player again and again to the bars of music that seem beyond my analysis, like a safecracker picking a lock, until the prize is mine. No school subject ever occupies as much of my time or energy. I'm not claiming that any kind of prescience about t he future was at work here, but there was something in the driven and compulsive nature of this obsession that was unusual, something in the unconscious saying, 'This is how you escape.' 'This is how you escape.'"Upozornenie: Vzhľadom na častejšie ob meny vydaní tejto knihy v zahraničí, kus, ktorý vám zašleme, nemusí mať rovnakú obálku ako je zobrazená tu. Zobrazená obálka môže byť iba ilustračná. Obsah knihy aj cena budú však identické, bez ohľadu na obálku.
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New York Times bestselling author Carol Higgins Clark's trademark light touch, humor, and quirky characters make for another wonderfully unpredictable mystery. Say "Aloha" to an unforgettable Hawaiian adventure! L.A.-based private detective Regan Reilly gets a call from her best gal pal, urging her to come to Hawaii for one last girls' weekend before Regan ties the knot with Jack "no relation" Reilly, and so she happily packs her bags. At the Waikiki Waters Playground and Resort, the body of Dorinda Dawes, the hotel's gossipy PR woman, washes ashore wearing a valuable lei that once belonged to a Hawaiian princess and was stolen from a museum in Honolulu thirty years ago. The resort manager doesn't believe that Dorinda drowned accidentally and persuades Regan to take on the case. The more she starts digging, the more danger she is in. Can Regan find out what really happened before it's too late for her and the other vacationers at the Waikiki Waters?
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Big Fish

Throughout William's childhood, his much-absent father, Edward, regaled him with tall tales of his exploits as a young man. But now that his father is dying, William must get to know the real Edward Bloom, before it's all too late. Inspired by the fragments of stories he's gathered over the years, William recreates his father's life in a series of legends and myths, through which he begins to understand Edward Bloom's great feats - and great failings - at last finding a way to say goodbye.
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In Her Shoes

Rose Feller is thirty years old, a high-powered attorney, with a secret passion for romance novels, an exercise regime she's going to start next week, and dreams of a man who will slide off her glasses, gaze into her eyes, and tell her that she's beautiful. Meet Rose's sister Maggie. Twenty-eight years old, drop-dead gorgeous and only occasionally employed, Maggie is a backing singer in a band called Whiskered Biscuit. She dreams of fame and fortune -- and of getting her dowdy big sister to stick to a skin-care regime. These two women with nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, shared DNA, and the same size feet, are about to learn that their family is more different than they ever imagined, and that they're more alike than they'd ever believe. Funny and poignant, richly detailed and wrenchingly real, IN HER SHOES will speak to anyone who's endured the bonds of sisterhood, and to everyone who's dreamed of trying something else on for size.
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Little Earthquakes

This is the story of what comes after 'happily ever after' as three young wives make the journey into motherhood, and discover how it changes their sense of themselves and their relationships with friends and family. There's Becky, a plump, sexy chef, with an overworked husband, an adorable baby girl...and the mother-in-law from hell. There's Kelly, an event planner who's trying to cram sixty hours of work into twenty-hour weeks, all while charting her baby's every move on a spreadsheet and hoping that her husband will pull his life together, pull on some pants, and find a job. And there's Ayinde, who is married to Philadelphia's most prominent basketball star, until the combination of new baby and infidelity threatens their marriage. As these three grow closer while attempting to put their lives in order, we also come to know Lia, who returns home to Philadelphia after her life in Los Angeles ends in horrible tragedy. By turns moving, funny, and inspiring, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES is a great big delicious read from a prodigiously talented author.
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Good in Bed

Cannie Shapiro never wanted to be famous. The smart, sharp, plus-sized reporter was perfectly happy writing about other people's lives for her local newspaper. And for the past twenty-eight years, things have been tripping along nicely for Cannie. Sure, her mother has come charging out of the closet, and her father has long since dropped out of her world. But she loves her job, her friends, her dog and her life. She loves her apartment and her commodious, quilt-lined bed. She has made a tenuous peace with her body and she even felt okay about ending her relationship with her boyfriend Bruce. But now this...'Loving a larger woman is an act of courage in our world,' Bruce has written in a national woman's magazine. And Cannie - who never knew that Bruce saw her as a larger woman, or thought that loving her was an act of courage - is plunged into misery, and the most amazing year of her life.
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Shock wave

A mysterious plague in the Antarctic. A diamond empire run by an evil genius. A devastating new technology that threatens to annihilate millions. Tasman Sea, 1856. A British clipper ship bound for Australia's penal colony is crushed in a raging typhoon. A few pitiful survivors wash up on a deserted island. Among them are Betsy Fletcher and Jess Dorsett, who discover an immense supply of exquisite diamonds...Seymour Island, Antarctica, 2000. Dirk Pitt rescues Maeve Fletcher, a descendant of Betsy and Jess, after an unknouwn cataclysm kills thousands of marine animals and nearly two hundred people aboard a cruise ship. Pitt traces the carnage to the global diamond operations of Maeve's father, Arthur Dorsett, and her callous sisters. From a chilling escape at a high-security Canadian mine to a tiny boat adrift on lonely, shark-infested seas, the ingenious Pitt is racing to thwart Dorsett's ruthless plans - before an unthinkable disaster claims millions of innocent lives.
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Oú es-tu?

Dans Et si c'était vrai..., Marc Levy faisait vivre des fantômes , dans Où es-tu ?, les fantômes sont toujours là, mais ce sont ceux des rendez-vous manqués entre Philip et Susan. Ils ne faisaient qu'un, jusqu'à ce que Susan décide de s'engager dans une organisation humanitaire au Honduras, et que leurs vies se séparent. Pour toujours, ou presque : des lettres, quelques rencontres furtives à l'aéroport continueront à entretenir la flamme, vacillante, mais tenace. Aussi, quand on demande à Philip d'honorer une promesse qu'il a faite à Susan, il n'hésite pas une seconde. Et pourtant, quelle promesse... Encore une fois, Marc Levy nous offre un récit bien ficelé, facile à lire, et qui fonctionne. De l'amour, du suspense, des rebondissements : il y a tout... Alors, on lui reprochera sûrement d'appliquer toujours les mêmes vieilles recettes, mais après tout, tous n'ont pas son talent pour les rendre efficaces. L'auteur nous assure quelques bonnes heures de lecture, qui sont toujours bonnes à prendre, n'en déplaise aux esprits chagrins ! --Karla Manuele
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Et si c´était vrai...

Lauren est dans le coma, c'est indéniable. Mais elle est aussi dans le placard d'Arthur, un peu comme un fantôme, cela est tout aussi indéniable... Arthur, en tout cas, est bien obligé de l'admettre : il la voit, l'entend, la comprend et finit même par l'aimer. Mais que peut-on espérer d'un fantôme que l'on est le seul à distinguer ? On ne tombe pas amoureux d'un mirage, on ne force pas son meilleur ami à dérober une ambulance pour kidnapper un corps dans le coma, on ne ment pas à la police pour sauver une ombre, et pourtant... Marc Lévy signe ici un premier roman particulièrement grisant, qui s'amuse du lecteur et de ses certitudes, toujours avec légèreté : comme Arthur, on se laisse prendre au jeu de Lauren, et comme lui, on finit par se dire, entre deux rebondissements : Et si c'était vrai.... Phénoménal succès de librairie dès sa sortie, ce roman trouvera bientôt une consécration sur grand écran puisque Steven Spielberg a décidé de porter cette invraisemblable histoire à l'écran. --Karla Manuele
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Die Entscheidung

Mitch Rapp, der beste Anti-Terror-Agent der CIA, wird bei einer gefährlichen Mission in Deutschland von seinen Auftraggebern verraten. Es gelingt ihm, der tödlichen Falle zu entkommen und in die USA zurückzukehren. Dort versucht er, die Hintermänner, die
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Die Macht

Als der Direktor der CIA verstirbt, nutzen korrupte Politiker in Washington die Schwäche der jüngeren, weniger erfahrenen Nachfolgerin aus, um eine Verschwörung anzuzetteln, die die Welt verändern könnte. Zudem droht im Nahen Osten die Gefahr eines Atomkr
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Apelsiny Iz Marokko

Samyj jarkij novator v russkoj proze XX veka. Aksenov uzhe v samom nachale svoego puti nametil temy i problemy, kotorye budut volnovat ego i v period zrelogo tvorchestva. Pervye povesti Aksenova polozhili nachalo tak nazyvaemoj
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The Old Country

Michael is a 66-year-old drunken arisotcrat fallen on hard times. He used to manage the family pile, a maginficent estate called Sitten Hall. But when the family got stung for inheritance tax he was forced to 'gift' it to the National Trust. Now he's stuck in sheltered housing, his mother, Granny Banana, is seeing out her last in Greenaways Nursing Home, and his despised brother Philip lives in suburbia with his exotic young wife and three children. But Michael's doing ok - until Granny Banana a ccidentally falls out of the back of his landrover. The least he could do was to give her the funeral she wanted, to be buried back at Sitten Hall with her cherished dog. But the family coffers aren't what they were, and Philip insists on a cremation and for the ashes to be scattered in the grounds of a local hotel. Determined to salvage the last of Banana, Michael contrives to steal the ashes, replacing them in the urn with sugar, but a farcical bungling of events leads to Granny Banana being b aked into one of three cakes to be presented as a raffle prize at the local swimming gala...THE OLD COUNTRY is Sam's most mature book yet.
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The Little Death

P. I. Louis Kincaid has never liked working for the rich. Despite the blinding white of the Palm Beach pavement and the gleaming metal of the Bentleys at the curbside, it's clear to him that the creepy cleanliness only runs so deep. When the headless body of a male escort is found in the aptly named Devil's Garden, Louis's client is in the frame. Determined to clear his name, Louis is forced to delve behind the bedroom doors of the wealthiest women in the county as he uncovers a series of simila r murders: young, handsome, penniless men who have been keeping company with rich, married, powerful women. But in a county where power is everything, women here will do anything to preserve their place in the social pecking order, and if someone bre aks the rules, someone pays. Louis must watch his back, as behind Palm Beach's united front lurks a killer determined to cover their tracks.
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