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neuvedený: The Complete Illustrated Novels of Jane Austen: Volume II.
Počet strán: 872
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EAN: 9781851520503
ISBN: 1851520503
Rozmery: 5 cm x 15,5 cm x 21,6 cm
The Complete Illustrated Novels of Jane Austen: Volume II. ISBN:1851520503
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The Complete Illustrated Novels of Jane Austen: Volume II.

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O knihe: With a sharp wit and keen eye, Jane Austen painted indelible, finely realized portraits of Georgian life, with its intricate rules of behavior, social divisions, and delightful diversions. No one bettered her in capturing the sometimes complicated mating dance that led to true love, and her compelling, intelligent heroines are unequalled in all literature--and have also translated wonderfully to film and television. At the same time, her piercing humor exposed the follies of the age and ripped apart characters vain, foolish, greedy, arrogant, and callous. Here are three of her best novels, all in one volume and beautifully illustrated with period images: Sense and Sensibility, a richly textured masterpiece about two sisters with wildly differing temperaments, Emma, with its endearing but deeply flawed protagonist, and the deliciously lighthearted Northanger Abbey. If you've read these before, re-experience the wonder anew, if not, prepare to be captivated with every page!

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