Colin King


Pozri sa dovnútra svojho tela

Kniha plná pestrých ilustrácii a fascinujúcich záložiek.
13,21 € 13,90 €

Enciklopédia gyermekeknek

Az általános iskolásoknak készült, a hétköznapi dolgokat és fontosabb fogalmakat egy-egy téma köré csoportosítva, egyszerű nyelven és vidám rajzokkal magyarázza.
11,88 € 12,50 €

Children's Encyclopedia

Packed with facts, this miniature encyclopaedia is designed to be both fascinating and fun to use and covers a vast scope of information, from the Earth, its plants and animals, to its people and discoveries.
7,70 € 8,10 €

Map of the World Jigsaw Puzzle

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts. Choking Hazard This jigsaw is illustrated in great detail by Colin King and features engaging light-hearted colour images related to each of the continents and countries of the world. It aims to encourage children to develop first geography skills and gain a greater awareness of the world around them, and the relationship between continents and countries.
12,83 € 13,50 €

Kukkants bele milyen egy hajó!

Vond fel a horgonyt, bonts vitorlát és fedezd fel a hajók világát. Kukkants bele, mennyiféle hajót építettek már, a recsegő gályáktól a pöfögő gőzhajókon át a hatalmas repülőgép-hordozókig!
13,23 € 13,93 €

See Inside Ships

This is a new addition to the "See Inside" series about ships throughout history from Viking longboats to Spanish galleons, ironclads to aircraft carriers. Lifting the flaps reveals the insides of ships from across the ages, explaining in simple, clear language what they were used for, how the crew and passengers lived and how they sailed the oceans. It includes a gate-fold page of a huge aircraft carrier.
13,25 € 13,95 €

Look Inside How Computers Work

Each double-page spread has a stunning colour illustration, and several flaps to lift to find out more about whats going on in the scene - such as what goes on inside a computer, how programmes organise and send information around and many other facts. Learn about the history and gain an understanding of how computers work.
12,30 € 12,95 €

See inside maths

This is a brand new title in the innovative "See Inside" series, putting the often intimidating world of mathematics into simple, easy-to-follow language and showing how maths fits into readers' everyday life. It introduces mathematical concepts in the simplest of terms from basic addition and subtraction, through multiplication and division to square roots and algebra. As well as over 50 embedded flaps to lift, each page includes a host of puzzles and games for readers to test their newfound maths skills on, making the book an interactive and informative experience. It is illustrated in a fun and accessible style by Colin King.
12,30 € 12,95 €