Roger Stern


Captain America: Forever Allies

Who is Lady Lotus? During WWII, the Invaders fought countless enemies. They beat back madmen like the Red Skull and Master Man time and again - but there were those who fell under the radar. Captain America's one-time sidekick, Bucky - having since taken up the shield himself - knows one of them all too well. During the war, he and the Young Allies encountered the mistress of mind control, Lady Lotus, and barely escaped with their lives! Now, years later, Lotus has seemingly resurfaced. How has she managed to stay young all this time? What is amplifying her powers? With all the Young Allies long gone, it's up to Bucky to find out! Plus: Action! Intrigue! Adventure! Discover the truth behind comics' original kid gang! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA: FOREVER ALLIES #1-4, YOUNG ALLIES 70TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL and YOUNG ALLIES (1941) #1.
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Smallville: Strange Visitors

Twelve years ago a child from a distant planet fell to Earth in a lethal hail of meteors. And one sleepy town in Kansas was transformed forever. Smallville - it's not the place it was. Just ask the locals. Spiritual guru Donald Jacobi announces that fragments from Smallville's famed glowing meteorites are the key to eternal health and cosmic strength. Setting up a website to sell the green rocks, Jacobi soon amasses a fortune . and a startling control over his desperate followers. Investigating these events, Clark discovers that fraud and dashed hopes are the least of the dangers the rocks pose. But can he find a way to stop Jacobi - before the transforming power of the meteors is spread around the world? Look out for these other sizzling Smallville titles from Orbit: DRAGON; HAUNTINGS; WHODUNNIT.
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Secret Invasion Rise of the Skrulls

Chart the history of the Skrulls - from their first visits to Earth to their devastating Secret Invasion! Meet the Super-Skrull who wields all the Fantastic Four's powers! Witness the Kree/Skrull War's cataclysmic climax alongside the Avengers! The legendary Mar-Vell returns from the dead - or does he? And Carol Danvers is swept up in the alien intrigue as the Secret Invasion begins! Plus: 1800s and 1950s infi ltration attempts! Galactus targets the Skrull throneworld! The Skrulls lose their shape-shifting powers! And more! COLLECTING: FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) 2, 18, ANNUAL 19; AVENGERS (1963) 97, ANNUAL 14; SILVER SURFER (1987) 25; MARVEL: THE LOST GENERATION 11; CAPTAIN MARVEL (2007) 1-5; MS. MARVEL (2006) 25-27; MATERIAL FROM FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) 257, MARVEL WESTERNS: KID COLT AND THE ARIZONA GIRL, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE ANNUAL 1, SECRET INVASION: WHO DO YOU TRUST?
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Avengers Epic Collection Heavy Metal

The old order really changeth! The Avengers are pushed to their limits - first by all-out war against the Super-Adaptoid and his android army, then by the monstrous mutation of Marrina - Namor's wife! It ends in heartbreak for the Sub-Mariner, torment for the Black Knight and anguish for Captain Marvel - giving Doctor Druid his moment to take control. But what is Druid's secret agenda? Who is the beautiful woman in his dreams? And what does it all have to do with Kang the Conqueror? The answers will leave the Avengers in shambles - meaning Jocasta must recruit a crew of reserves to fight the Evolutionary War! But out of the ashes of the X-Men's Inferno, a new team rises - and Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman will answer the cry of "Avengers Assemble!" COLLECTING: VOL. 18: AVENGERS (1963) 286-303, AVENGERS ANNUAL (1967) 17
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