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Eliza Williams


This is advertising

Advertising has changed. In today's world of multimedia and digital technology, the industry must find ways to build new relationships between brands and their audience, to make each product relevant as well as desirable. No longer is a simple television advertisement enough; brands need to communicate with their audience through all different kinds of media. This is Advertising addresses the changes that are occurring within advertising, from the perspective of key figures within the industry. Each deals with a key emerging trend - digital, branded, ambient, integrated, and self-initiated. Featuring in total over 80 projects as well as ten-in-depth interviews by a selection of leading advertising figures, it offers an insightful overview for students or anyone involved with or interested in the current world of advertising.
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How 30 Great Ads were Made

This book takes readers behind the scenes in the world of advertising, showcasing 30 phenomenally successful campaigns from the last decade. It is fascinating not only for industry professionals but for anyone with an interest in how ads are made. Technical information on how the ads were developed is accompanied by anecdotes from the creatives, directors and clients, with accounts of how the ads were made and the problems encountered along the way. Each campaign is illustrated with imagery showing the stages it went through in development including sketches and early ideas that may have been abandoned, storyboards, animatics and photos from shoots, as well as shots of the final ads. In addition to offering an insight into the working practices within advertising, the book also demonstrates how the industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid change, and shows the different skills that are now required to work in advertising.
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21st-Century Art Book

An accessible A-Z guide to best contemporary art made since 2000
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