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Clare Foster: Your Allotment
Väzba: iná / ostatná
EAN: 9781844035601
ISBN: 978-1-84403-560-1

Your Allotment

Autor: Clare Foster

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O knihe: Allotments are fashionable again. With a different food scare popping up in the press almost every week, people are taking control of what they eat and deciding to grow their own organic fruit and vegetables - and what better place to do this than the allotment? Allotments now attract people of all ages and backgrounds - all of whom want to grow their own delicious and nutritious produce at virtually no cost at all. And despite many people's preconceptions, it isn't difficult to do. With a bit of pre-planning and preparation, you can be harvesting your own crops within a few months of starting out, and eating the fruits of your labour from late spring to autumn. This book contains all the practical information you'll need - from preparing the plot and dealing with weeds, to planting out and rotating your crops. There is detailed advice on the fantastic range of vegetables, fruit and herbs you might like to grow, as well as how to protect your plants, pruning and harvesting. A handy seasonal checklist provides instant advice on key tasks for each month and tips for year-round productivity. Accessible text, inspiring photography and helpful planting plans make "The Allotment Book" a must for anyone wanting to get the most out of their plot. "With easy reference and common sense instructions this book will leave you in no doubt about how to plan and manage your allotment. It covers absolutely everything, from the history of allotments and how to get hold of one, to allotment etiquette and fun ways to encourage children to grow their own. This book is like having a very friendly and extremely knowledgeable grower standing beside you as you work. " Gregg Wallace

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