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Golf 365 Days

The whole spectacular world of golf comes to life in these pages - the great men and women players, both pro and amateur, the architects, the courses, the wonderful stories and marvellous images.
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Punk culture is nomadic; the punk house is the outpost.The 'punkhouse' may come in any number of forms. Perhaps the most common type is one in which a large number of like-minded people cram into a space meant to house two or three people, resulting in low rent and, thus, leisure time for the residents to pursue their interests. These interests vary from house to house and person to person, but there are clear themes that emerge as we examine this subculture as a whole.Punk Houses are anarchist warehouses, feminist collectives, tree houses, artists' workshops, self-sufficient farms, hobo squats, community centres, basement bike shops, speakeasies and all varieties of communal living spaces. Abby Banks captures the already-weathered face of a 17-year old runaway, the soft hands of a record collector, the mohawked show-goers, the dirty dishes in the sink, the silk screened posters on the wall and the gardens growing up between the cement of city blocks.
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Next Houses

This is a coherent and authoritative collection of the best and most innovative house designs for the twenty-first century. Presenting a collection of thirty houses on five continents, Next Houses is a tour of the finest residential architecture of this young century. Author Ron Broadhurst has selected examples from nine countries, showcasing established superstars as well as the work of emerging architects, including SANAA, David Adjaye and David Chipperfield, among others. The products of dialog between demanding clients and innovative designers, these houses represent the best and most innovative living spaces, including homes created with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind such as Werner Sobek's H16 and Krauss Schonberg's Haus W as well as homes constructed on challenging sites such as Tadao Ando's 4X4 House or Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira's Casa Tolo. A coherent and authoritative collection, "Next Houses" demonstrates uniquely of-the-moment architecture and offers up an idea of how we will think of homes in the decades to come.
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Ilse Bing: Photography Trough

While Frankfurt-born Ilse Bing's 1931 Self-Portrait with Leica is an icon of modern photography, her exquisite black-and-white compositions, created mostly during her years in exile in Paris and New York, have not received nearly the attention they deserve. This first-ever monograph of the photographer (1899-1998) dubbed the "Queen of the Leica" is cause for celebration on two counts: Those with an interest in Bing's work now have an authoritative source to consult, and students of the form now have proof that Bing ranks alongside BrassaĂŻ, Man Ray, and Henri Cartier-Bresson in the pantheon of 20th-century avant-garde photography. This book, based largely on unpublished material from Bing's personal archive, combines biography with an in-depth study of her work in its historical context, creating a portrait of the artist as revealing as it is overdue.
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Birds of the world

Building on more than twenty years' experience travelling and photographing in some of the world's remotest places, Gilles Martin offers in his new book a magnificent photographic collection of some of the most charismatic birds on the globe. Through this book, the reader is invited to plunge into the incredibly rich universe of our feathered friends. Here one can admire the capacity of emperor penguins for survival, applaud the artistic talents of Oceanic birds of paradise, learn how to identify a variable buzzard or distinguish a tree pipit from a meadow pipit, and much more. With nearly ten thousand species scattered throughout five continents, bird societies swarm with diversity. We have long been fascinated by birds' ability to fly, but they possess a multitude of other faculties of which many people are unaware. Birds of the World is structured around twelve major themes that enable readers to observe birds' evolution, migration, survival, and perception of the world. Myriam Baran-Marescot's text provides all the information and advice required for observing, identifying, and protecting birds. The result is a thrilling and informative journey into the vast avian world.
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Vision of Mas

Visions of Mars offers a visual tour of the main geographic features of Mars as they have been recorded by twenty years of remote-sensing missions, ranging from the Viking orbiter/lander of the late 1970s through the Pathfinder orbiter/rover of the mid-1990s and up to the twin rover missions of today. The survey is driven by images, many of which have never been seen before, which introduce the reader to the plains, volcanoes, chasms, lake beds, and polar regions of the red planet. A final section summarizes the basic data that have been gathered about the planet, comparing Earth and Mars.
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Jacques Helleu and Chanel

Jacques Helleu is the eye behind the House of Chanel’s enduring image, having explored the meanings of this legendary brand in daring commercials and fabulous print ads for the past 40 years. He has given tangible, glamorous shape to the essential mystique of Chanel’s perfumes, by bringing together artistic luminaries (from photographer Helmut Newton, to director Baz Luhrman, to actress Catherine Deneuve, and countless others) and masterfully guiding the creative combustion that has resulted. This beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated volume tells the story of Helleu’s vision. Stiletto magazine founder Laurence Benaïm’s foreword puts Helleu’s grand influence into perspective, and Helleu himself presents four decades of inspiration, arranged from A to Z in themes, including: Allure. Coco. Egoïste. Femme. Goude. Joaillerie. N°5. Newton. Penn. Proust. Rouge. Séduction. Style. Temps. Vitesse. Warhol.
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A Game to Love

A Game to Loveis the stunning publishing debut of award-winning sports photographer Mike Powell. Featuring 500 highly evocative images, the book celebrates the passion for tennis that exists around the world. Powell's extraordinary images capture the character and brilliance of the greatest players in the game today and are complemented by the words of many of the game's legendary greats of yesteryear, among them John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, and Rod Laver. From supe rstar players, veterans, and juniors to the spectating cognoscenti and tennis haute couture; from screaming coaches, businesslike trainers, and long-suffering officials to the players' boxes, real fans, and "fan fashion"; from the intimate details of hands-on racquets and the wiping of brows to the textures of clay, grass, and hard court,A Game to Loveis a luscious and original visual tribute to one of today's most-watched and most-loved sports.
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How to See Faeries

International bestselling artist Brian Froud andNew York Timesbestselling author John Matthews come together for the first time to create a spectacular interactive book that opens the doors to the enchanted world of Faerie. How does one discover faer ies in one’s backyard or a garden, forest, or meadow? Through insets, hidden messages, magical signs, reflective mirrors, and other paper mechanics, Froud and Matthews reveal how anyone may discover the way to the land of Faerie. All you need i s to believe and to own this book!
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The Steampunk Bible

Steampunk a grafting of Victorian aesthetic and punk rock attitude onto various forms of science-fiction culture is a phenomenon that has come to influence film, literature, art, music, fashion, and more.The Steampunk Bibleis the first compendium abo ut the movement, tracing its roots in the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells through its most recent expression in movies such asSherlock Holmes. Its adherents celebrate the inventor as an artist and hero, re-envisioning and crafting retro technolo gies including antiquated airships and robots. A burgeoning DIY community has brought a distinctive Victorian-fantasy style to their crafts and art. Steampunk evokes a sense of adventure and discovery, and embraces extinct technologies as a way of ta lking about the future. This ultimate manual will appeal to aficionados and novices alike as author Jeff VanderMeer takes the reader on a wild ride through the clockwork corridors of Steampunk history.
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Sagmeister : Another Book ...

Created to accompany an international traveling exhibition, "Another Book about Promotion and Sales Material "explores the work of one of the world's most famous graphic designers--Stefan Sagmeister. Divided into four sections, and including commissi oned work from ten years of graphic design, this book explores how Sagmeister creates greater awareness for corpora-tions, his friends, his own work, and cultural events and products. Showcasing a wide range of work, from a Talking Heads boxed set, t o print ads for Levi's, to a wedding invitation for close friends, this book includes exclusive images from the studio archive as well as Sagmeister's commentary on his work, which contains his characteristic wit and insight. The result is a funny, r evealing, and intimate look at the cutting-edge work of a graphic design master.
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Angel tree

This book showcases the magnificent collection of Neapolitan Baroque angels and crche figures that have thrilled visitors from across the country each Christmas season for more than 50 years. New fiber-optic lighting and a new tree now enhance its be auty.
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Inspiration Dior

"Inspirations Dior" offers an exclusive and comprehensive look into one of the world's most successful names in fashion. Showcasing works of art, archival photographs of the gowns and of fashion shows, unpublished images specifically taken for this c atalogue by Laziz Hamani, and sketches, this elaborately illustrated book also contains text from an impressive array of respected art and fashion experts - including Florence Muller, Edmonde Charles-Roux, Jacques Ranc, Vitali Michin, Irina Antonova, Bernard Arnault, John Galliano, Daniel Alcouffe, Stephane Guegan, and Frederic Bourdellier. Moving from 1947 to the present day, this book defines the roots of Dior style, showcasing the distinctive lines, materials, and shapes that have been loved throughout the decades. The first section of the book, 'Art and Fashion,' introduces the many aspects that make Dior unique, highlighting the corollaries between art, painting in particular, with the designs. Tracing themes and sources of inspiration , the second part of the book "The Waltz of Time" reveals how elements from the past - the French eighteenth century (a particularly significant era for Dior), the Belle Epoque, Ancient Egypt, and more-have influenced the designs. Then, the global na ture of Dior is explored, finding parallels with specific pieces in the art and culture of Spain, Russia, and Asia.
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Rock Seen Bob Gruen

Bob Gruen is arguably the most famous rock photographer on the planet. From early shots of Tina Turner to becoming John Lennon's personal photographer to early CBGB/punk coverage like Blondie, Ramones, Patti Smith and much, much more in between (tour s with the Clash, the Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, NY Dolls, KISS), Gruen has somehow always been at the right place at the right time and caught every moment. The time has come for his higher price point monograph, which he will promo te endlessly and coordinate exhibitions.
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Harpers Bazaar

"Harper's Bazaar "is America's longest-running fashion magazine, revered for its style-setting contributions to fashion, photography, and graphic design. Under the direction of Glenda Bailey in this decade, the magazine has maintained its position as a prominent cultural icon. Bailey is known for commissioning dazzling visual features that frame fashion in the context of contemporary pop culture and aesthetics. Shot by well-known photographers and featuring supermodels and supercelebrities, "Baz aar"'s fashion photography is always beautiful--and entertaining. "Harper's Bazaar: Greatest Hits "is a collection of more than 300 photographs that chronicle the best fashion of our time. A celebration of fashion, a romp through a riotous and eventf ul decade, and a banquet of contemporary imagery, "Harper's Bazaar: Greatest Hits "is also a glamorous object in itself.
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Crafting Modernism

"Crafting Modernism: Mid-century American Art and Design" will provide an in-depth examination of the American studio craft movement in general, with detailed analyses of all of the major mediums (clay, wood, fibre, metal, jewellery, and glass) favou red by the greatest craftsmen of the period. Both an exhibition catalogue and an historical reference, "Crafting Modernism" explores the origins of the studio craft movement, the international influences that helped it grow in this country and abroad and its convergence with the fine arts. The post-war years were a time of particular importance for the studio movement as a new generation of craftsmen began to express cultural identity and artistic innovation as well as provide social commentary through their work in all media, which led to the proliferation of the craft movement to museums and exhibitions worldwide. Artists represented in this book include Anni Albers, Dale Chihuly, Hans Christensen, Charles and Ray Eames, Sheila Hicks, Wha rton Esherick, Maurice Heaton, Dorothy Liebes, Sam Maloof, George Nakashima, Gertrud and Otto Natzler, Peter Voulkos and Russel Wright, among many others. "Crafting Modernism" is the fourth instalment of the Centenary Project begun in 1993 by the Mus eum of Art and Design to explore the origins and development of twentieth-century American crafts. New research has made this exhibit and book possible, exploring the rediscovery and reinvigoration of craft media in the post-war years.
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