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Paul Cartledge: Alexander the Great - The Hung for a New Past

Počet strán: 330

Väzba: mäkká, brožovaná

EAN: 9780330419253

Jazyk: anglický

ISBN: 0-330-41925-0

Dátum vydania: 1. januára 2005

Vydavateľstvo:  Pan Books

Orig. vydavateľstvo: 

Rozmery: 2,3 cm x 12,9 cm x 19,6 cm

Alexander the Great - The Hung for a New Past

Autor: Paul Cartledge

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O knihe: At eighteen, Alexander had conquered mainland Greece, was crowned King of Macedonia at twenty and by twenty-six he had made himself master of the once mighty Persian Empire. By the time of his death, aged only thirty-three, in 323BCE he was ruler of

the known world and was being worshipped as a god by the Greeks, both at Babylon, where he died, and further west, among the Greek cities of the Asiatic seaboard. The fruit of a lifetime's scholarship and meticulous research, this is an outstanding b

iography of one of the most remarkable rulers in history. "A hugely impressive portrait of a towering but enigmatic figure" - Saul David, "Sunday Telegraph". "A revealing, often enthralling search . .. [a] restless, exhilarating book" - "Observer". "Fa

scinating. .. blends all the pleasures of Hollywood epic with those of a subtle and deeply intriguing detective tale" - Tom Holland, author of "Rubicon". ""Alexander the Great" provides an endless fount both of amazement and of speculation. This grippi

ng book examines the legends as well as the life. Most interestingly, it invites the reader to participate in the difficult task of separating the fact from the fiction" - Norman Davies.

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